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About Us

Based in O'Fallon, MO, Cardboard Treasures offers fun, family friendly sports-card group breaks.

Our breaks are streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, and Breakers TV.  Expect our breaks to usually last longer than most.  We like to take a moment to show and call out each card that's pulled when card counts and time constraints permit it; just because a card isn't a hit doesn't mean it doesn't matter to the person who will receive it.

We are committed to providing an excellent experience and a high level of satisfaction for our customers by offering fun breaks, fair prices, and reliable customer service.  To see what makes us different, check out our past breaks.

The most important component of Cardboard Treasures is our community.  Our breaks aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but they are designed to be fun, entertaining, and a great opportunity for members of a card-collecting community to come together and share their love for the hobby.  When referring to Cardboard Treasures, "we" and "us" are used as often as possible, because we want everyone who becomes a part of the Cardboard Treasures community to feel like this belongs to them.


Since I'm the composer of this bio, I won't do that weird thing where I write about myself in third person.

I've been a pro wrestler, bartender, sports writer, security director, and mall manager.  Now my full-time gig is opening packs of picture cards of sportspeople on camera, and I've never worked harder.

I started collecting baseball, football, and WWF cards in 1985, but it wasn’t until I discovered the 1987 Topps Mark McGwire card that my hobby became an obsession.

The biggest pull of my childhood was a 1991 Score Series 2 Mickey Mantle autograph: Card #7 "Twilight", #0756 of 2,500 Personally Autographed Cards.

I took the Mantle to the card show that weekend, and dealers showed little interest.  Some man gave me the first $100 bill I’d ever touched, let alone owned.  I’m still searching for that Mantle: Card #7—Twilight—#0756/2500, and will pay good money for it.

After high school, I blew off a college baseball scholarship to pursue a career in pro wrestling.  In 1999, I became the first graduate of WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race’s wrestling academy.  For the next few years, I wrestled on the independent scene in high-school gymnasiums and National Guard armories, did three tours of Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH, and was a human punching bag for a couple televised matches with WWE (it was WWF back then) on Sunday Night HeatJakked, and Metal.  One of those matches was former ECW World Champion Justin Credible's television debut as that character in WWF, so several clips of him pummeling me made it onto his first TitanTron video (which I later learned was included on the WWF Raw video game on Xbox).

Although I loved performing in the ring, my greatest passion was for teaching.  I became the lead instructor at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy for two years and continued to mentor wrestlers for 15 years, including some who went on to become full-time members of the WWE roster.

A car accident ended my wrestling career, although I continued to work in various facets of the business for several years.  In 2011, I returned to the ring for one year, mostly on the weekends to have fun and help develop younger talent, until a job promotion in the real world put an end to my time in pro wrestling.

When I returned to the sports card hobby in 2016, I brought my son with me.  He's a big Kris Bryant and Wes Welker fan, and his collection is more impressive than mine.  A few months later, I discovered group breaks and was instantly hooked.

Although I enjoyed watching breaks, I had saw an opportunity to present breaks in a unique way with a focus on visual presentation while avoiding some of the problems that annoyed me about some breaks (such as cards not being handled and shipped with care, base cards being ignored, unreliable schedules, and excessive profanity/negativity from the breaker and his community).  I started doing junk wax breaks while I worked through initial tech issues and got a feel for showing the cards, interacting during the live break, etc., and within a few months I was ready to start with the modern stuff.

My PC includes: Mark McGwire, Bo Jackson, Ken Griffey, Jr., Roberto Alomar, Frank Thomas, Scott Radinsky, and Rickey Henderson in baseball; Jim Kelly, Bill Fralic, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker, Bo Jackson, Joe Delaney, and Deion Sanders in football; and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in wrestling.  Most of my personal collection includes each rookie card and one on-card autograph of each athlete from my long list of favorites (most of them not mentioned).

I don't talk politics or give them much thought, although I do think people saying "if you think (insert opinion), you're part of the problem" IS the problem.  My most controversial view is that I believe Alfred Pennyworth killed Bruce & Martha Wayne. The St. Louis Cardinals are the only birds I like.  I'm a picky eater, and I won't try eating something I don't like to be polite.

I live in O'Fallon, MO, with my awesome family: my wife, son, and our dog. If you see me at a local shop or card show, be sure to say hello! I have Resting Grouch Face (I believe that’s the medical term), but I assure you I’m friendlier than I look.



If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

You can contact us at any of the email or social media links below.