Earn 5% Break Bucks Rebates on qualifying break spots purchased on our website!  If your spot purchased from the website goes hitless, your rebate is doubled!!!

Break Bucks Rebates are single-use digital codes which can be entered during Checkout when purchasing break spots on the website.  They are sent weekly via email when the rebate balance reaches $10.00.

Rebates are calculated based on the actual purchase price of each break spot.  If you apply a $20 rebate to a $70 spot for a total purchase of $50, your rebate earned for that purchase is $2.50 (5% of $50).  Rebates are not applied to shipping upgrades, sales tax, or other additional fees.  They are non-transferrable and have no cash redemption value.

Due to our website's e-commerce restrictions, the following limitations apply:

  • The rebate code is valid for 30 days.
  • The rebate code must be used in full during a single transaction.
  • Rebate codes are not stackable with other $ Off discounts.
  • Rebate codes cannot be merged with other rebate codes.

We reserve the right to cancel orders due to improperly applied rebates or system errors.

Rebates are offered on Pick Your Team breaks (including fillers).  Due to the low mark-up on Random Team/Hit/Player/Division breaks, we do not offer rebates for these breaks.