FAQ (or, more honestly, Things We Want You to Know)

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Paypal Goods & Services payments only.  This protects you as the buyer and us as the seller.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to use it for checkout, as long as you have a credit or debit card.  Paypal via eCheck is only accepted if the eCheck clears within 24 hours of the beginning of the break.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free First-Class Mail shipping for all break spots purchased through our website.  Upgrade options are available during checkout or as add-ons after the breaks (please include the break and team in the notes when placing a shipping upgrade order).

My package was damaged during postal transit. What can I do about it?

Insurance may be purchased for your shipment.  If you wish to have your package insured, please contact us immediately following the break to request it.  We safely package all shipments and provide tracking information, but once the postal carrier receives possession of the item, any loss or damage that might occur is out of our control.  Proof of value of a sports card or other collectible will always be a challenge when filing an insurance claim.

What are Break Bucks?

Break Bucks are equivalent to store credit, a code redeemable for group break spots during Checkout which might be purchased or awarded.  The store value of Break Bucks is dollar-for-dollar.  Break Bucks have no cash redemption value and are valid for 30 days.  We reserve the right to cancel any order completed with inappropriately used Break Bucks codes or due to system errors.

How do you package cards?

We always ship with care, using what should be the industry standard for card-shipping.  Any card that should be sleeved will be sleeved.  Any card that should be placed in a toploader will be placed in a toploader.  Cards will be placed in team bags or graded card sleeves to secure the cards (no tape over the toploaders!), sandwiched between pieces of cardboard, and packaged safely in a bubble mailer or box.  Most breakers don't use cardboard pieces for the added protection as it is very time-consuming to cut pieces of cardboard, place the pieces around the cards, and tape the cardboard pieces together to secure the cards. Last year, we had a custom cutting die manufactured to produce 3.5x4.5 cardboard pieces, and we order nearly 6,000 cardboard pieces on a quarterly basis.

If you have spots in more than one break, cards from your spots may be combined into a single shipment.

How do I watch the breaks?

All breaks are broadcast live on the Cardboard Treasures Facebook Page and on our YouTube channel; archived videos are also available through both platforms at the same links.

Why don't you stream the breaks to another streaming source?

Quality and community are two key elements of our breaks.  Facebook and YouTube offer superior quality, while Facebook is the best way to connect a group-breaking community.

What will I get when I purchase a spot in a break?

You will receive all cards from the team(s) you receive, whether a Random Team or Pick Your Team format, unless the break description specifies that only "hits" ship.  Breakers are unable to guarantee specific cards will be contained within sealed, unsearched packs, boxes, and cases.  Just like when you buy your own box of cards at the local shop, sometimes you might get a monster hit and other times you might not get anything of value.  We do offer a No-Shutout Guarantee to ensure every participant has something to show for every spot purchased (click the link for details).

Who receives multi-team or no-team cards?

If a card features players representing more than one team, we will determine ownership of the card using the following procedure. If more than 51% of a card is owned by one team spot, the card will be awarded to that team.  If no team spot has at least 51% ownership, each team represented will be entered into a Random.org List Randomizer or a dice roll.  If no team is represented on the card, the card will be randomized between all spots (if the card features a player with no team assignment, each team on which the player played will be included in a randomization for that card, if applicable).  Panini Points and similar cards will be randomized between hitless spots; if no spots go hitless, the points will be randomized between all spots.

Can you hold a spot for me until payday?

No. Been there, tried that.

Why do you sell some spots on your website and some on eBay?

Every spot in a break is listed for sale; we have never and will never withhold break spots from our community.  Our goal is to eventually sell 100% of our spots on our website, but to ensure all spots are filled and a break takes place on time/as scheduled, we send unsold Pick Your Team spots to eBay auctions. We don't cherry-pick, withhold teams, or keep teams for ourselves (unless a spot is unsold or unpaid).

Our listing practice of sending unsold spots (for our website Pick Your Team breaks) to eBay auctions is unique, and we think others will start doing this in the future because it works.  Often, breakers will delay their breaks for days, weeks, or even months while they wait for people to buy unsold team spots.  This can result in wasted time and money.  We don't want someone buying a spot they don't really want just to get a break filled.  If we don't have someone in our group who's in the market for a given team's spot, there will be someone on eBay who wants it. 

What happens if I don't pay for a break spot I've won on eBay before the break begins?

By placing a bid on eBay, you are agreeing to our payment terms, which include submitting a cleared payment via Paypal within 15 minutes of the break.  We've been burned many times by non-paying bidders, so we have to take action to ensure we don't let this negatively impact our business any further.

If cleared payment is not received for the spot when the break begins, your order may be canceled. If payment processes as an eCheck or other pending payment, your spot may be released and your order may be canceled. If you got busy at work, fell asleep, got stuck in traffic, had a Paypal issue, or encountered any other obstacle which prevented you from paying for your spot, your order may be canceled.

The unpaid spot may be offered via auction or fixed price at the beginning of the live break. Any non-paying bidder may be reported, blocked from bidding on spots from our breaks or purchasing from our store, and blocked/banned on any social media platforms.  Sometimes honest people have circumstances which prevent them from making timely payment, and it's nothing personal towards those people, but a breaker who does not implement safeguards to protect his business interests will not remain a breaker and will not be in business for long.

Do you charge sales tax?  Why?

For Missouri residents, 7.95% sales tax is added during the checkout process.  As a licensed business in the State of Missouri, we are required to collect and submit all sales taxes for sales made to customers residing in Missouri.

What will I get when I purchase a spot in a break?

You will receive any and all cards from the team(s) you receive, whether a Random Team or Pick Your Team, unless specifically stated that certain cards do not ship due to excessive card count (cards for most team spots in a Topps Hobby case break would require Priority Mail shipping, and the price of each spot would reflect that added cost).

Why do I need to enter my name and agree to the Disclaimer before adding a team spot to my shopping cart?

This is to confirm that you understand the rules and procedures of group breaks and agree to the terms and conditions before purchasing a spot, as we can't and won't offer refunds (we can't un-open the packs).

Why is the spot I selected still showing on the item list after I complete Checkout?

This is an annoying feature of the website that we are unable to change at this time.  The item is Out of Stock and cannot be purchased again, but until it is manually removed, it will remain on the list with an inventory level of 0.

When can I expect my cards?

We usually ship within three business days following the break.  Breaks with large quantities of cards might take an extra day or two, as we'd rather be safe and accurate than fast.  We sandwich cards between cardboard, which adds time to the packaging process but protection for the cards. All orders include a tracking number.  If you have not received a PayPal shipping confirmation email within five business days of the break, please contact us.  We usually post shipping updates on our Facebook page if there is any kind of delay.

Do you buy any of the cards you pull during the breaks? 

All cards from the breaks are shipped to the owners of the spots to which the cards are assigned.  We only buy cards pulled from our breaks if they are shipped to their recipients and then offered for public sale (such as on eBay, on social media, or at a card show) so everyone has an opportunity to purchase them and there is never a question whether we shipped the cards pulled during a break.

Why do your breaks take so long?

We show and call out every card during the breaks, unless showing every card would make the live broadcast excessively long, base card are highly repetitive, or base cards aren't shipping.  For the first eight months, we showed every card pulled from every pack/box/case, but video analytics and feedback have both indicated that most people don't enjoy breaks lasting longer than 90 minutes, so we try to keep most breaks at 90 minutes or less.

We strive to be efficient while taking our time with breaks, keeping score of every hit onscreen during the breaks, interacting with viewers, and trying to provide the best experience and value for your money. We understand that our breaking style isn't going to be for everyone, but community feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive. Depending on circumstances of each particular break such as time constraints, repetitive base cards, or card counts in a case, we may need to revise this procedure from time to time.

We consider ourselves a full-service restaurant instead of a fast-food establishment.  The end result is the same (you receive the food), but the atmosphere and experience add to the appeal of a full-service restaurant.

Why don't you break (insert product)?

We are always open to suggestions.  Most likely, if we are not breaking a recently released product, it is because: 1.) we could not get it from our distributor or find an affordable alternative purchasing option, 2.) we did not believe we could offer the product at a price point that was a solid value for our community members, or 3.) we do not believe we can offer the levels of quality and enthusiasm for the product that our community has come to expect from Cardboard Treasures (hockey and soccer immediately come to mind).

Are Cardboard Treasures group breaks safe for my child(ren) to watch with me?

Absolutely. We keep things family friendly and don't tolerate offensive language during our live breaks. Although we cannot control what a person might comment on a post or in the chat during a live break (just like you can't control what the person in line in front of you might say in the grocery store checkout aisle), we will ban anyone who compromises our commitment to providing a safe, enjoyable experience for viewers of all ages. We also do not permit discussions about politics or controversial/polarizing social issues; trading cards is a hobby and should be an escape from divisive issues.

Some break communities are not well-policed.  We've observed excessive negativity, belligerence, bullying, and sexual harassment in some break rooms, and those behaviors will not be tolerated (this policy is not negotiable no matter how much or little someone may have spent).  This hobby is meant to be fun, and anyone who jeopardizes that for the community will be permanently removed.

Do you offer price matching?

We don't. When possible, we price our spots with the total value of all spots in a break totaling at least 10% below the average total of leading breakers, but if we tried matching the lowest price you can find for each individual spot, we'd lose money on every break. We don't set out to be the cheapest, but to offer fair prices.  Many breakers can break three cases in the time it takes us to break one (our style puts a cap on our earning potential), most don't spend as much money as we do on prizes and incentives, and most don't use protective cardboard when shipping (those pieces add weight to every package as well as time for packaging).  That said, we are committed to offering fair prices, rewarding loyalty, and continuing to grow while offering exceptional service.

Why do you presell breaks before a checklist is released?

We are among the many breakers who presell spots for group breaks.  While we can't speak for other breakers, the reason we presell breaks is because we send unsold spots to eBay for one-day auctions to ensure our breaks are completed as scheduled.  Many other breakers are unable to stick to a reliable schedule because it takes time to get their breaks filled strictly through websites or social media.  If we filled every break quickly and exclusively via the website or Facebook (which we hope is in our future), preselling would not be necessary.  Presell levels are closely monitored; we will not presell an excessive number of breaks because product releases are sometimes delayed and we do not want to allow presell funds for a break two weeks from now to pay for this week's products (this can happen if a breaker doesn't presell with caution).

How do you determine presell pricing?

We do our homework by researching product information, manufacturer announcements, and other breakers' pricing.  Some expectations can be made in terms of a checklist; for example, if Topps has included Mike Trout autos on a checklist for each of the first six products of the year, it's likely he'll also have autos in the seventh product.

What happens if I purchase a spot and then the checklist is a dud for my team? 

We take a close look at the team breakdowns for each checklist to ensure the team spots are solid values.  If we identify a major discrepancy between team value and price, a refund or credit will be offered (this will only work in your favor; if we sell a spot that turns out to be badly underpriced, we will not cancel your purchase or ask for more money for the spot).  If we overlook a spot that is revealed to have been overpriced upon the checklist release, please contact us

You blocked me on eBay/Facebook/other.  Why?

No one is arbitrarily blocked.  If you were blocked, it's because your actions led us to decide that we do not want to do business with you or include you in our community.  That's permanent and non-negotiable.

Are group breakers ruining the hobby?

No.  As long as people are enjoying the hobby and dealing with each other fairly, there is no wrong way to enjoy the hobby, whether it's prospecting, collecting vintage, reselling, set-building, group-breaking, or ripping packs. Group breaking isn't for everyone, and that's understandable, but it gives people another way to enjoy the hobby and unearths many awesome cards that would otherwise be hidden away in sealed cases forever.  It will be a very big part of the sports-card collecting hobby and industry for many years to come.

Why don't you do lines, razzes, etc.?

Group Breaks are legal--a group break is simply people sharing a sealed product as if they all went into a local card shop together and each pitched in on a box/case of cards--while lines, minis, razzes, etc., may classify as games of chance or even gambling.  We will always stay on the legal side of the group-breaking line.

I sent you an eBay message with an offer for a card listed in your eBay store.  Why didn't you respond?

If no Best Offer option is included in the listing, we are not currently accepting offers.

I am unable to bid on your eBay auctions.  Can you add me to your exempt list?

No.  Our buyer requirement settings are in place to protect us as sellers.

Why don't you tag people in posts on Facebook?

We've chosen a Facebook page instead of a group because we want people to join our community based on their own interest, not because someone added them.  Organic growth was important to us.  Additionally, we are very busy prior to the beginning of a break preparing the scoreboard, screen graphics, etc., and approving group member requests would make it difficult to start on time.  The one drawback to a page instead of a group is that all posts are public.  Your privacy is important to us, and with so many members in our community, it would be impossible to keep track of which members want tagged in posts and which do not.